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LaunchPad Event Scheduler

LaunchPad Event Scheduler
Version: 3.21

Automate routine computing task to run unattended at anytime

LaunchPad is a task scheduler for Windows. You can run those onerous, oft-put-off tasks after normal operating hours, like disk optimization, tape backups, daily reports, etc. In addition, you can run DOS commands, run/quit any program, communicate with programs using DDE commands and scripts, display a message, send keystrokes to programs, shutdown your system, reboot your system, use Hot Keys and more.

Program Name LaunchPad Event Scheduler
Version 3.21
File Size (Bytes) 595057
Release Date 2005-10-26
Price 29.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: task scheduler,scheduler,macro,automate,scripting,automation

Program Categories:Utilities

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