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MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software

MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software
Version: 2.0.21

MaxiVista turns any spare PC into an extra monitor for your primary PC

MaxiVista can turn any spare PC into a second monitor for your primary PC. Connect up to four PCs via network and enjoy giant desktop real estate of up to 7,680x1,200 pixels. MaxiVista additionally allows controlling up to four PCs with one mouse and keyboard. MaxiVista also optionally mirrors the Primary PC's display contents to another PC. MaxiVista is based only on software. No need to buy graphics cards, monitors or keyboard mouse switches

Program Name MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software
Version 2.0.21
File Size (Bytes) 1871872
Release Date 2006-09-05
Price 29.95
License Demo

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Program Categories:Utilities

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