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Version: 3.0.521

restores a view of multiple application windows on your desktop with one click

Montage saves and restores the state of applications running on your desktop, so you can reconstruct a complex, multi-windowed view with a click of the mouse. It saves time by eliminating the repetitive task of launching, positioning, and resizing applications individually, and it gives you a quick way to close a group of applications all at once. Montage is visual tool that helps conserve screen space, while integrating your favorite programs.

Program Name Montage
Version 3.0.521
File Size (Bytes) 5690592
Release Date 2004-10-10
Price 24.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: save, restore, multiple, Windows, layout, launch, shortcut, desktop, shell, Explorer, paperless, Office, integrate, portable, arrange, manage, activity, reference, tool, drag-and-drop, link, screen, display, placement, configuration, productivity

Program Categories:Utilities

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