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Mutilate File Wiper

Mutilate File Wiper
Version: 2.92

Permanently delete sensitive files / Shred disk free space

Delete your sensitive files permanently. Mutilate File Wiper is a file remover that prevents recovery of deleted files from your hard drive by data recovery or forensic software. Choose one of three security levels or configure a customizable level for up to 297 overwrites. Mutilate supports complete folder and subfolder shredding. With Mutilate's disk free space wiper, you can even use Mutilate to permanently erase previously deleted files.

Program Name Mutilate File Wiper
Version 2.92
File Size (Bytes) 843722
Release Date 2005-05-23
Price 20.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: wipe, file wiper, shred, shredder, removal, data recovery, disk eraser, secure deletion, erase, eraser, unerase, delete, undelete, purge, clean, washer, swap file, swapfile, security, forensic

Program Categories:Utilities

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