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MyBook with CheckSpell

MyBook with CheckSpell
Version: 5.22


MyBook can store text in 720 pages, up to 16mb a pagein RichText format with a fast search feature and spell check.Good place to store all your notes.ALL NEW CheckSpell is an extra software included with MyBook,it is different from the spell check that is built in MyBook.Option to change 720 button names, Spell check, PrintSetup, Word like tool bar,Quick search, RTFs Backup and many more options.MyBook adjusts size to video resol

Program Name MyBook with CheckSpell
Version 5.22
File Size (Bytes) 4677323
Release Date 2006-01-09
Price 25
License Shareware

Program Keywords: MyBook can store text in 720 pages, CheckSpell included as an extra software.

Program Categories:Utilities

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