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NetworkActiv Web Server

NetworkActiv Web Server
Version: 3.5.16

Easy to use, free, Windows based Web Server supporting CGI, PHP, and Perl...

Very easy to use, lightweight, freeware, graphical Windows based Web Server supporting CGI, PHP, and Perl. Share files without the need for your clients to download software, as they can simply use their favorite web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla. Share files and host a website directly from your computer. Configurable access restrictions by password (secured) and configurable IP address range filtering. Supports multi-domaining.

Program Name NetworkActiv Web Server
Version 3.5.16
File Size (Bytes) 626704
Release Date 2006-02-21
Price 0
License Freeware

Program Keywords: WebServer,NetworkActiv,NetworkActive,NetworkActiv Web Server,Web Server,Server,HTTP,Windows,NetworkActiv-Web-Server/3.5

Program Categories:Utilities

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