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Version: 2.1

Manage your Windows startup and make your computer faster with this amazing tool

Manage your Windows startup and make your computer faster. NitroBOOT is simple and intuitive, yet surprisingly powerful. You can disable programs from starting with Windows, delay their start, or confirm their start. NitroBOOT has been known to make the Windows boot up process 3 times faster by reducing the load on the computer at that point. NitroBOOT automatically detects such programs and even warns you when new programs have been installed.

Program Name NitroBOOT
Version 2.1
File Size (Bytes) 1116289
Release Date 2005-01-15
Price 9.99
License Shareware

Program Keywords: NitroBOOT, Windows, Startup, start, up, fast, slow, speed, delay, disable, program, at, the, confirm, ask, question, boot, load, auto, autoload, autoboot, advanced, simple, easy, use

Program Categories:Utilities

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