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Omniquad Desktop Booster

Omniquad Desktop Booster
Version: 1.5

Boost Productivity on Windows 9x PCs based on your usage pattern using this tool

Omniquad Desktop Booster allows you to:- Make active shortcuts of all recently used applications. Instantly launch up to 16 applications, documents or web sites by moving the mouse pointer to the edge of the desktop. Access instantly all user files via the Start Menu. Customize Start Menu settings Eject Audio / Data CD-ROMs on Windows shutdown. Save Clipboard contents when Windows shuts down and restore them when it starts again.

Program Name Omniquad Desktop Booster
Version 1.5
File Size (Bytes) 1289748
Release Date 2002-12-29
Price 19.99
License Shareware

Program Keywords: desktop booster, Active Interface, productivity,

Program Categories:Utilities

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