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PSM Encryptor

PSM Encryptor
Version: 1.0

PSM Encryptor will encrypt any group of files and disguise the resulting encrypt

PSM Encryptor is a cryptography and steganography tool. PSM Encryptor will encrypt any group of files (including whole directory structures) but will also disguise the resulting encrypted archive as a working sound or image file. In addition, PSM Encryptor ships with its own video codec: you can encrypt videos which can then be decrypted in real-time as you watch them, with no noticeable loss of performance or quality. Integrated email engine.

Program Name PSM Encryptor
Version 1.0
File Size (Bytes) 7000000
Release Date 2005-11-28
Price 46
License Demo

Program Keywords: encryption,enryptencrypted,disguise,hide,cryptography,steganography,video,sound,image,codec,email

Program Categories:Utilities

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