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Paraben's Text Searcher

Paraben's Text Searcher
Version: 2.0

Perform indexed text string searches for over 230 file types.

Complete text string searches for entire drives searching over 230 file types as well as slack and unallocated space. Using search indexes shortens search times. Compressed indexes are 30-60% the size of the original data. Supports complex searching queries through Boolean expressions. Supports multiple languages and has the ability to customize languages. Designed for Computer Forensic Examination so your searches are efficient and effective.

Program Name Paraben's Text Searcher
Version 2.0
File Size (Bytes) 9116539
Release Date 2006-08-01
Price 129.00
License Demo

Program Keywords: text, string, search, searcher, file, find, finder

Program Categories:Utilities

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