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Power Launch 2

Power Launch 2
Version: 2.00

Automating tasks and managing Windows is easier and faster with Power Launch 2

Power Launch 2 is the simply easier Windows management tool, giving you the power to automate any number of simple or complex tasks, and even start and close multiple programs with a single key stroke. You can also speed up and simplify your life by creating complex and powerful menus, as well as start screensavers automatically. Power Launch 2 also features a scheduler so any set of task within Windows can be easily, and effectively, automated.

Program Name Power Launch 2
Version 2.00
File Size (Bytes) 1618197
Release Date 2003-05-30
Price 32.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: automate, power launch, windows, macro, schedule, launch files, e-technik, menus, shortcuts, script

Program Categories:Utilities

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