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Proactive Password Auditor

Proactive Password Auditor
Version: 1.60

Password auditing and recovery software for Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT.

PPA is a password security test tool that's designed to allow Windows systems administrators to identify and close security holes in their networks. It helps secure networks by executing an audit of account passwords, and exposing insecure accounts. The software features brute-force and dictionary attacks on password hashes, effectively optimized for speed, and can also use pre-computed hash tables that allow to find most passwords in minutes.

Program Name Proactive Password Auditor
Version 1.60
File Size (Bytes) 1647453
Release Date 2006-02-02
Price 299
License Shareware

Program Keywords: audit,recover,recovery,vulnerability,password,administrator,security,network,windows

Program Categories:Utilities

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