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Program Selector Pro 2000/XP

Program Selector Pro 2000/XP
Version: 4.9

Provides password protected access control for your Win 2000/XP computer

Program Selector Pro provides access control and usage management. Replaces standard Windows 2000/XP user interface (task bar, Start button, and icons) with user configurable list box of program names. Supervisor password is required to add programs to the program list box. Administrative level password is required to restore the original Windows interface. Programs can also be individually password protected. Virus protection included.

Program Name Program Selector Pro 2000/XP
Version 4.9
File Size (Bytes) 530519
Release Date 2002-02-03
Price 35
License Shareware

Program Keywords: computer security,access control,password protection,lock desktop

Program Categories:Utilities

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