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RIS Menu Editor v1 0

RIS Menu Editor v1 0
Version: 1.0

Extend RIS functionality, add menus/options to network boot environments

emBoot's RIS Menu Editor takes RIS beyond it out-of-the box capabilities & extends its functionality by allowing network administrators to add menus and options to the RIS Client Installation Wizard, and to create boot images. These menus and options can be used to deliver network boot images that offer maintenance utilities, such as BIOS upgrades and virus scanning programs, or to deploy other operating systems to client PCs on a network.

Program Name RIS Menu Editor v1 0
Version 1.0
File Size (Bytes) 471040
Release Date 2003-04-28
Price 0
License Freeware

Program Keywords: RIS, Remote Installation Services, OS Deployment, PXE, network booting, network boot, remote boot, preboot, Wired for Management,WfM, pre-OS, desktop management, Boot ROMs, TCP/IP, BootP, DHCP, TFTP, Boot Services, Total Cost of Ownership, Managed PC Boot Agent, MBA, Window 2000 Deployment, Window XP Deployment

Program Categories:Utilities

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