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RJ System File Checker

RJ System File Checker
Version: 2.0

Reduce those Illegal Operations and the Blue Screen of Death!

Getting a lot of Illegal Operations? The problem may be with old versions of system files conflicting with new versions of the same system files. Illegal Operations occur when one program loads the old version and then another application loads the new version of the system file. Only one version can be in memory at a time, so a memory conflict occurs. RJ System File Checker scans the system for duplicate system files to eliminate old versions. Please Note: There is a reported problem with the registration key of RJ System File Checker. If your Regional settings in Control Panel use a date format other than "mm/dd/yyyy" (the USA format--Month first, then day, then year), RJ System File Checker will have difficulty recognizing your Registration key as valid. If you encounter this problem, temporarily changing your regional settings to English (US) will solve this, but RJ System File Checker may need to be set this way every time you run. I apologize for this problem, and when I am able to get back into the code I will fix the bug--but at this time no fix is planned.

Program Name RJ System File Checker
Version 2.0
File Size (Bytes) 1083529
Release Date 2002-06-07
Price 19.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Illegal Operation,DLL,System File,blue screen of death,windows,crash,win,utility,utilities,diagnostic,scan,file,files,Microsoft

Program Categories:Utilities

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