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Version: 4.8.5

One click Registry shortcuts, quick search, remove invalid keys, speedup PC

Create desktop or Quick Launch shortcut to Registry key or value: Drag-n-drop selected key or value. Search for all matches using flexible criteria. Find invalid keys. Export to .reg file. Go to registry path given as a string. Very convenient if you read instructions about doing something in registry. Just select registry path and copy it to clipboard. Then open RegmagiK and press Ctrl+G or use 'Go to Key' toolbar button - Great user reviews

Program Name RegmagiK
Version 4.8.5
File Size (Bytes) 78848
Release Date 2005-11-02
Price 15.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: registry,editor,regmagik,regmagic,regedit,registry shortcuts

Program Categories:Utilities

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