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Remote Shutdown

Remote Shutdown
Version: 3.4

Shutdown mutiple remote workstations over a network with a number of options.

Allows an NT/2K/XP Administrator to remotely shutdown any number of NT/2K/XP Workstations over which they have administrative control via either a GUI or the command-line. They can optionally specify a delay and message to be displayed to the user during shutdown. During this time the shutdown can be aborted.Multiple workstations can be specified in the GUI and this list can be saved for later use in either interface.

Program Name Remote Shutdown
Version 3.4
File Size (Bytes) 344618
Release Date 2006-05-31
Price 44.99
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Coruscant,Remote,Shutdown,NT,delayed,reboot,restart,network,users,log off,log out,server,power-off,APM,Windows,admin,administrator,domain,PDC,cluster,trust relationship

Program Categories:Utilities

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