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SMB File Sniffer

SMB File Sniffer

Network security utility for logging SMB files operations and capturing files.

SMB File Sniffer allows you to:- log SMB file operations with two levels of logging- intercept files transmitted within a LAN by SMB protocol (Windows and non-Windows servers are supported) - select one of the network adapters, installed on your system, to log the packet stream of this certain adapter - collect the statistics of the lost packets on the following levels: network adapter, NIS internal driver, and application level.

Program Name SMB File Sniffer
File Size (Bytes) 1411488
Release Date 2003-11-12
Price 49.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: sniffer,smb,file,security,monitoring,logging,network,net,capture,packet,adapter,nic,traffic,protocol

Program Categories:Utilities

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