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Version: 1.3

Adds pre-defined and your own options to the Windows Explorer context menu.

SOCKShell enhances Windows Explorer context menu (displayed when you right click on an item) by adding new predefined options and allowing you to add any number of your own options, both to the main context menu and to the SOCKShell submenu. Predefined options include Analyse Pascal source code, Explore in a new window, Copy the full path, Edit with Wordpad, Edit with Notepad, Open a Command Prompt, Set file attributes, Set file date and time.

Program Name SOCKShell
Version 1.3
File Size (Bytes) 866169
Release Date 2004-04-14
Price 14.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Shell, Shell extension, Context menu, Explorer, Application development tool, Pascal, tools, software, freeware, shareware, Windows, open subfolder, menu, context, desktop, Jud Cole

Program Categories:Utilities

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