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Safe n Sec Plus Antivirus

Safe n Sec Plus Antivirus
Version: 2.0.1610

Traces activity of ALL applications and blocks those which actions are malicious

Safe nSec 2.0 + Antivirus is new generation of PCs protection systems against various types of IT security threats such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware with an antivirus scanner. The program detects and blocks the malicious activity on the operation system level. Intercepting system calls and analyzing system applications activity Safe n Sec makes a decision about the malicious acti ons of application and blocks the attack in an initial stage.

Program Name Safe n Sec Plus Antivirus
Version 2.0.1610
File Size (Bytes) 12000864
Release Date 2006-11-01
Price 35
License Shareware

Program Keywords: security software, antivirus, internet security, anti spyware, adware, computer protection, protect computer

Program Categories:Utilities

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