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Security Booster

Security Booster
Version: 3.0

Scan, clean and tune up your PC’s security in minutes with Security Booster!

Tune up your PC’s security with a few clicks. Security Booster helps to auto-protect your PC against potential harmful attacks from malicious scripts, Trojans and hijacking. Prevent sensitive data like passwords from being exposed to hackers. Secure your sensitive files against unauthorized intrusion with military grade encryption. Get peace of mind while online! Easy for PC novices and power users alike, no PC security knowledge required.

Program Name Security Booster
Version 3.0
File Size (Bytes) 3,542,582
Release Date 2004-09-17
Price 39.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Security booster, online security, secure transactions, online fraud, spyware, internet security, internet crime, online crime, identity theft, hackers, cyber fraud, online protection,windows privacy,internet privacy, security,

Program Categories:Utilities

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