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Version: 2.5

ShadowUser eliminates spyware, viruses, adware and other unwanted PC changes

ShadowUser provides a safe computing environment by creating a virtual twin of your PC. Place your PC in a virtual session called ShadowMode and surf the internet without a trace. Eliminate spyware, viruses and worms, adware, unwanted cookies and internet history. Instantly undo accidental or malicious changes to your PC. Eliminate changes to your PC that can corrupt your system.

Program Name ShadowUser
Version 2.5
File Size (Bytes) 4000000
Release Date 2005-02-10
Price 69.95
License Commercial

Program Keywords: spyware, spyware removal, spyware remover, anti spyware, adware, anti virus, anti virus software,online privacy, internet privacy, computer privacy, data protection, disaster recovery, security, virtual PC

Program Categories:Utilities

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