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Shortcut Explorer

Shortcut Explorer
Version: 3.0

Manage Start Menu, Quick Launch, Favorites, and Desktop Shortcuts

Shortcut Explorer version 3.0 looks a lot like Windows Explorer and is intended for shortcut file management. The columns in the right pane show, for each shortcut file, the information from the Properties page (target, directory, hotkey, etc.). Shortcut files can be manipulated similar to Windows Explorer. Shortcuts can also be tested. Now includes Favorites menu, with Start Menu, Quick Launch, and other system folders automatically added.

Program Name Shortcut Explorer
Version 3.0
File Size (Bytes) 340741
Release Date 2002-10-26
Price 15.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: shortcut, Start Menu, Desktop, Favorites, lnk, pif, url

Program Categories:Utilities

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