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ShyFile - Email, File and Chat Security

ShyFile - Email, File and Chat Security
Version: 6.30

Secure your files, emails and chat with up to 6,144 bit!

It encodes your text and files (with up to 6,144 bit, any file can be used as a key) and creates an extra file that is to be attached to an e-mail or uploaded to a Web site. Use an Internet browser to decode. It also features a Secure Private Chat (no need to enroll or become a member to anything nor to pick a chat room.) The File Shredder thoroughly delete files on your hard drive in a way no un-delete tool could ever restore them again.

Program Name ShyFile - Email, File and Chat Security
Version 6.30
File Size (Bytes) 4582912
Release Date 2006-09-15
Price 59.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: email encryption,email security,secure chat,chat,HTML encryption,secure mail,encode,decode,cryptography,file encryption,file deletion,file wiping

Program Categories:Utilities

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