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Version: 1.01

SimplyRDP Thin Client Software - Convert a desktop into a secure Thin Client!

Convert a desktop PC into a secure, managed network device that achieves all the benefits of thin client computing while prolonging the useful life of existing desktops. Tremendous advantages are gained by providing remote connectivity to Windows desktops. SimplyRDP is a software-only solution there is no need to physically open the desktop case, and removal of the hard drive is optional.

Program Name SimplyRDP
Version 1.01
File Size (Bytes) 19141365
Release Date 2005-03-15
Price 59.95
License Demo

Program Keywords: thin client, OS Deployment, PXE, network booting, boot agent, network boot, remote boot, preboot, desktop management, bootROMs, Boot ROMs, DHCP, TFTP, TFTP Server

Program Categories:Utilities

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