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Version: 3.4.1

Recovers MSN messenger, IE, Outlook, ICQ, Ftp, VNC, Dial up, Trillian passwords.

SpotAuditor recovers MSN messenger, ICQ, &RQ, Trillian, Miranda IM, VNC, Far ftp, FileZilla, CuteFTP, CoffeeCup Direct FTP, FlashFXP ftp, SecureFX ftp, WebDrive ftp, FTP Voyager, AutoFTP, FTP Control, 32bit FTP, FTP Navigator, Dial up, Outlook, passwords saved in Internet Explorer, IE Auto Complete Fields, recovers passwords stored behind the asterisks in password text-boxes and explores Outlook Accounts, Visited URLs and Start Run Programs.

Program Name SpotAuditor
Version 3.4.1
File Size (Bytes) 1311906
Release Date 2006-11-08
Price 24.50
License Shareware

Program Keywords: MSN messenger,password,recovery,asterisks,icq,Trillian,Miranda IM,ftp,CuteFTP,FileZilla,CoffeeCup,FTP Navigator,VNC,Far,FlashFXP,SecureFX,WebDrive,FTP Voyager,FTP Control,dial up,RAS,recover,msn,reveal,content advisor,protected storage,lost password

Program Categories:Utilities

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