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StormWindow 95

StormWindow 95
Version: 4.55

StormWindow provides desktop and system security for a shared Windows 95 PC.

Cetus StormWindow [TM] for Windows 95 will allow the authorized user to add several types of protections to the desktop and system of a Windows 95 computer. Intelligent use of StormWindow security measures will allow secure use of any shared Windows 95 PC. StormWindow protections would probably be most useful to a system administrator at a school or business.

Program Name StormWindow 95
Version 4.55
File Size (Bytes) 1492291
Release Date 2001-06-29
Price 30
License Shareware

Program Keywords: StormWindow, StormWindows, Security, Cetus, Windows, Windows 95, Win95, Win 95, Registry, Explorer, Password

Program Categories:Utilities

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