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Sub Studio SAMI

Sub Studio SAMI
Version: 1.1.1

Microsoft(r) SAMI format subtitles editing program.

Sub Studio SAMI is program for creating and editing SAMI Format subtitles.Main features are:- Opening, saving and creating new subtitles.- Import and export subtitles from/to other formats ("MicroDVD" and "SubRIP SRT" already supported).- Internal media player for visual subtitle timing.- Two timelines for easy and visual Syncs selection, editing and timing.- Ability to work with and without video file.

Program Name Sub Studio SAMI
Version 1.1.1
File Size (Bytes) 587339
Release Date 2001-08-29
Price 22.50
License Shareware

Program Keywords: SAMI,subtitles,closed captions,Media Player,SubRIP,SRT,MicroDVD

Program Categories:Utilities

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