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Subject Search Pad

Subject Search Pad
Version: 1.1

Builds automatic summaries and locates files with similar contents.

Subject Search Pad (SSPad) is bundle of a text editor and a file classification utility, which allow you to edit, search in and categorize files being stored in multiple data storage formats. The current version of SSPad supports MS Word, Excel and Power Point files as well as HTML, Rich Text, PDF, MS Help, Unicode or plain text files, and even more.

Program Name Subject Search Pad
Version 1.1
File Size (Bytes) 1418863
Release Date 2004-11-12
Price 29.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: free,Kryloff,multi-language,presis,retrieval,search,tools,searcher,searchers,searches,shareware,software,categorization,classification,text,utility,language,recognition,file,summarization,summarizing,summary,technology,Windows,classify,international

Program Categories:Utilities

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