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SumInfos (Summary Information)

SumInfos (Summary Information)
Version: 1

Utility to extract and collect file properties into a text file via batch cmd

SumInfos SummaryInformation is a console utility allowing to collect via command line the summary information embedded with all Windows 2000 files and the collection of Microsoft Office documents properties and Macintosh comments or Word, Excel and other files.SumInfos writes collected information on a text file. Author, Comments, Keywords.. so that you can paste as a file index or get this set of metadata easily processed by other tools.

Program Name SumInfos (Summary Information)
Version 1
File Size (Bytes) 1577523
Release Date 2004-06-12
Price 10.50
License Shareware

Program Keywords: SumInfos,collect Summary Informations,Office properties,document,tracking properties,Windows 2000,batch,console utility,Macintosh comments,Office,property set,built-in properties,OLE Structured Storage files

Program Categories:Utilities

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