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Version: V7.8.2.2

SuperEncryptor is a powerful professional encryption tool.

SuperEncryptor is a powerful professional encryption tool with a nice and friendly interface. Tt provides the safest way to store your information or sensitive data and protect them against malicious or unintended intrusions. Main functions: Encrypt Object, Encrypt into Host File, Encrypt to SDX, Encrypt EXE Files, Disguise Folder, Hide Folder, Password-Protect Folder, Lock Folder, Hide Disks, Password Management, ..., etc.

Program Name SuperEncryptor
Version V7.8.2.2
File Size (Bytes) 3195808
Release Date 2006-09-14
Price 39.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: SuperEncryptor,Encrypt,Decrypt,hide folder,password-protect folder,lock folder,disguide folder,encrypt software,AES,Rijndael,DES,3DES,Blowfish

Program Categories:Utilities

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