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System Shield

System Shield
Version: 2.1c

Military-strength defense against attempts at accessing information on your PC.

Fight identity and information theft! Anything you have ever installed, used, or looked at on your PC is still there, EVEN if you delete it or format your drive! Thieves can use simple tools to very easily retrieve credit card numbers and other personal data from your computer. System Shield works by eliminating all insecure and unintended information/evidence that exists on your PC.

Program Name System Shield
Version 2.1c
File Size (Bytes) 672709
Release Date 2005-05-19
Price 39.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: delete,file,permanent,secure,privacy,remove,wipe,clean,empty,space,free,utility,internet,windows,download,theft,identity,information

Program Categories:Utilities

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