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TiPi - Text In PIcture

TiPi - Text In PIcture
Version: 1.4

Hide secrets, and secret messages in pictures, protect it by password.

Tipi is dedicated for persons who want to send message in a safe way, or store information in safe place. Tipi can hide information in graphic files, that files are commonly used to store pictures on personal computers, or are sent by e-mail. This is good choice to send secret message, embedded in official or monitored e-mail. If just hiding information isn't enough, Tipi can encrypt it and protect by password.

Program Name TiPi - Text In PIcture
Version 1.4
File Size (Bytes) 2123090
Release Date 2006-08-18
Price 14.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: encryption,hide,secret,message,steganography,picture,text

Program Categories:Utilities

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