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Version: 7.1

TurboCrypt is an easy to use encryption software.Keep files safe with TurboCrypt

TurboCrypt is the Best encryption software of its kind. Easy to use, TurboCrypt provides uncompromising security. TurboCrypt takes a section of your hard drive and creates a 'virtual safe'. Enter you password once to access all files stored in your 'virtual safe'. When locked your 'virtual safe and all files in it stay hidden from your computer. Your computer or anyone using your computer won't even know it exists until they run the TurboCrypt.

Program Name TurboCrypt
Version 7.1
File Size (Bytes) 3004432
Release Date 2005-11-21
Price 34.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Encrypt, security, adult, roellgen, polymorphic, encryption software, safe, secure, hide, drive encryption, protect, encryption, drive encryption

Program Categories:Utilities

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