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Turbo Searcher

Turbo Searcher
Version: 3.30

The fastest file search utility through your local or network computers.

Turbo Searcher is the fastest file search utility, mostly the search time is within 1 second. With Turbo Searcher you can find any type of files through file names, folders, date, size, etc, and supports searching within compressed archives.It provides unlimited Relative Operation such as XOR,AND,OR,NOT,etc for searching ASCII strings, UNICODE strings and HEX codes within files. Allows searching duplicate files with powerful options.

Program Name Turbo Searcher
Version 3.30
File Size (Bytes) 2034265
Release Date 2005-05-18
Price 29.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: file search, file find, document search, duplicate file, search in ZIP, fast search, search network, contain texts,

Program Categories:Utilities

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