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Universal Programmer Analyser-UPA

Universal Programmer Analyser-UPA
Version: 2.2

Powerful Universal Programmer Analyser I2C/Microwire Monitor Hex Editor

SCRIPT EDITOR: A script allowes the end user to control Parallel and Selial Port.PROGRAMMER: 24c01-24c512, 93c46-93c86, 25c010-25c640, 7002, sde2506, TC89101/2, X2400, X2444/30, 77007/5, CXK1011/12/13, 68HC05/11, PIC12C508/9, PIC12CE518/9, PIC16C554/8, PIC1684/83/877 and more...4 CHANNELS LOGIC ANALYSER: I2C & Microwire monitor displays all transfers between MCU and EEPROM. HEX EDITOR: MDI Undo/Redo Print Insert/Over mode Find/Replace

Program Name Universal Programmer Analyser-UPA
Version 2.2
File Size (Bytes) 511009
Release Date 2002-04-17
Price 30
License Shareware

Program Keywords: eeprom,memory,eprom,hex editor,i2c,microwire,3-wire,programmer,programer,monitor,hex editor,analyser,analyzer,emulator,sde2506,7002,77007,68hc05,68hc11,pic,93c,24c,serial port,parallel port

Program Categories:Utilities

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