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VE Network Catcher (Lite)

VE Network Catcher (Lite)
Version: 4.5

Freeware network monitoring tool – measure latency and packet loss over time.

Network Catcher, from Shunra, is a free network monitoring tool that records latency and packet loss between your PC and any internet site. Use Network Catcher to monitor the quality of your network link. Network Catcher also integrates with Shunra’s network simulation technology, enabling users to capture and import production conditions directly into network simulation scenarios and test applications under real-life network conditions.

Program Name VE Network Catcher (Lite)
Version 4.5
File Size (Bytes) 546220
Release Date 2005-12-01
Price 0
License Freeware

Program Keywords: network, wan, simulation, simulator, emulation, emulator, internet, software, performance, application, test, testing, design, latency, jitter, bandwidth, capacity, impairments, recording,

Program Categories:Utilities

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