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Verification Engine

Verification Engine
Version: 2.1.0

VerificationEngine - the free anti-phishing and identity assurance tool

VerificationEngine (VE) is an innovative free multi-browser anti-phishing & identity assurance tool to help consumers achieve a new level of online transactional security two ways. First, it helps consumers differentiate between “good” business-verified gold padlocks from “bad” non-verified ones. Second, VE can help consumers distinguish between legitimate sites and fraudulent ones looking to steal your personal information. Get VE for free now.

Program Name Verification Engine
Version 2.1.0
File Size (Bytes) 1218552
Release Date 2006-02-07
Price 0
License Freeware

Program Keywords: Anti-Phishing and Identity Assurance tool, Content verification, Online Fraud Detaction, Site Verification

Program Categories:Utilities

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