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VisDir Free Disk Space Finder

VisDir Free Disk Space Finder
Version: 1.4

GUI utility to navigate your disk and see which programs are using disk space

This free user-friendly utility helps you visualize which programs on your hard drive are using too much disk space. It creates a navigable pie-chart visualization of the space utilization on your computer. This utility is a great helper for when you get one of those messages from windows letting you know that you&aposve run out of space, and wanting you to do something about it. This program will help you determine what is using too much space.

Program Name VisDir Free Disk Space Finder
Version 1.4
File Size (Bytes) 724849
Release Date 2006-01-04
Price 0
License Freeware

Program Keywords: free disk space, free space finder, disk explorer, disk utilities

Program Categories:Utilities

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