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Version: 1.3

Idle and Delayed Windows suspend/resume and battery monitor

Leaving your computer on all the time is one way to have your computer ready for you whenever you need it, but it is not the smart way. The smart way is for the computer to turn on before you want it so it can download EMail, news and updates. The smart way is for the computer to turn off automatically if you are not using it, and turn on again later. Volt can do this and more, including all forms of shutdown, command line operation and logging.

Program Name Volt
Version 1.3
File Size (Bytes) 33956
Release Date 2006-05-13
Price 7.50
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Shutdown, restart, system, force, delay, assembly, laptop, battery, monitor, Sinner, remote, idle, hibernate

Program Categories:Utilities

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