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Win Control

Win Control
Version: 2004

Your Security Solution for all Windows PCs - Restrict Windows effectively.

With Win Control you can not only define the access rights each of your users should have, you can also protect the Windows Desktop from unauthorized manipulation. You can even define access privileges to system functionality for each user. Finally make an end to deleted or moved links, unlicensed copies of programs, unauthorized screensavers and most of the other vandalism to a Windows 2000/NT and Windows XP system users can think of.

Program Name Win Control
Version 2004
File Size (Bytes) 2335232
Release Date 2004-12-31
Price 29.90
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Policies, Win Control 2002, Restrictions, Security, Windows, XP, NT, 2000, Vandalism, Lock, Unlock, Power Toys, Teacher, Admins, Poledit, Lock Apps, Group Policies, Parents, Nanny, secure, System, PC, Lock games, No, Downloads, Internet Explorer

Program Categories:Utilities

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