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Version: 1.3 Rev 6

DOS Command Prompt and Explorer mini directory utility speeds up access.

DOS Command Prompt utility for manipulating the DOS environment from Windows. Open a Command Prompt from a Windows pick-and-point directory. Print nested directory trees to the printer. Add user defined paths to a quick retrieval menu. Mini-directory tools for create, renames and delete directories. Open an Explorer windows positioned in the current directory.

Program Name WinDos
Version 1.3 Rev 6
File Size (Bytes) 3311374
Release Date 2002-01-06
License Shareware

Program Keywords: DOS, Command,Prompt, Desktop, Explorer, directory, directories, file, manager, tools, utility, utilities, windows, pick-and-point, easy to use, simple, fast, mini, free, make, copy, rename, mkdir, rmdir

Program Categories:Utilities

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