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Version: 13.2

Hex Editor, Disk Editor, and RAM Editor with a lot of features

Hex editor, disk editor and RAM editor with a lot of features: Concatenating, splitting, unifying, analyzing, and comparing files, flexible search and replace functions, Data Interpreter (knowing 19 data types), template editing, encryption, automation of file editing, sophisticated backup mechanism, drive images, drive cloning, printing. The disk editor supports floppy disks, hard drives, CD-ROM and DVD drives. Excellent computer forensics tool.

Program Name WinHex
Version 13.2
File Size (Bytes) 1173462
Release Date 2006-08-16
Price 50.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: WinHex, hex editor, hex, editor, hexadecimal, file, disk, RAM, editor, shareware, drive, disk, sector, Stefan, Fleischmann, CD, DVD, FAT32, NTFS, template, data, bit, byte, virtual memory, CD-ROM, FAT16, FAT, file system, CRC32, MD5, checksum

Program Categories:Utilities

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