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Win Key Genie

Win Key Genie
Version: 3.1

Automatically Saves all typed text, Like Doskey, Auto Complete Typing words

Win Key Genie3.1 Automatically saves all typed text. It can be retrieved with <ALT UP Arrow> or <ALT DOWN Arrow>. Auto Type tries to recognize duplicate words being typed and lets you auto complete the word by hitting the TAB key. <a href="http://www.vsisystems.com">www.vsisystems.com</a> - Vsisoftware.com

Program Name Win Key Genie
Version 3.1
File Size (Bytes) 15000
Release Date 2004-01-21
Price 19.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: win,key,genie,doskey,key,logger,keyboard,track,auto,save,,vsisystems,szamody

Program Categories:Utilities

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