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Titlebar AND Taskbar Utility that adds [ Stay On Top, taskbar arranger & ...more

Taskbar, Titlebar & System Tray Utility that Extends Windows' features by adding extra buttons beside default Windows Titlebar buttons (Min, Max, Close)1) Always On Top: Keeps the window on top of others2) Send To Tray: Send any window to your system tray (beside windows' system clock).3) Roll Up / Down: Shrink Windows.4) Transparent Windows: Controls windows' transparency.5) TaskBar Utility [Manager-Sorter]: Rearrange taskbar's items.

Program Name XNeat
File Size (Bytes) 251343
Release Date 2005-10-07
Price 14.9
License Shareware

Program Keywords: taskbar manager, arranger, sorter, taskbar utility, minimize to tray, tray icon , always on top , stay on top, taskbar , transparent, translucent, transparency, desktop extension, min to tray, windows manager, roll up down,send to tray, topmost

Program Categories:Utilities

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