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Zip Password

Zip Password
Version: 10.0.6745

Password recovery tool for pkzip/WinZip

Zip Password is able to recover lost or forgotten password to pkzip/WinZip archives. Brute-force and smart-force attack and dictionary search are implemented. Zip Password features unprecedented search speed: up to 3,000,000,000 passwords per minute (over 50,000,000 passwords per second). As of now, it's the world fastest password recovery program, up to 3 times faster than the best competitors software.

Program Name Zip Password
Version 10.0.6745
File Size (Bytes) 802816
Release Date 2006-10-27
Price 35
License Shareware

Program Keywords: zip, pkzip, winzip, WinZip, password, crack, cracker

Program Categories:Utilities

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