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Version: 6.3

Delete your files, freespace and Internet trace really and irrepealably

The deletion of files in the MS File Explorer remove only the reference and not the complete data. With specific programs these data can be restored so that under circumstances also after weeks it can be retrace exactly which files were on your computer. In to prevent this, the abylon SHREDDER overwrites according to the wipe-level the files, freespace or internet traces up to 35 times (Peter Gutman method).

Program Name abylon SHREDDER
Version 6.3
File Size (Bytes) 6254371
Release Date 2006-10-24
Price 25.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Del, Delete, Wipe, apm, abylonsoft, file, data, internet explorer, internet tracks, Cache, History, DOD II, Reter Gutman, Freespace, Clustertips, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Access data, download, search, find, paste, copy, move

Program Categories:Utilities

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