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Version: 0.2.23

Menu driven adjustable dataformat binary editor

Menu driven binary editor. Dataformats are ascii, unsigned (base 2-36: bin,oct,dec,hex,etc) and signed integers, float, bitflags, bitfields, labels, ebcdic and time_t. Different sizes and byte ordenings are possible. Datatypes can be used in structures. Contains copy, past, undo, redo, search, replace, marks, record/play and context sensitive help. Edit rawdisk devices (probably doesn&apost work with winNT/2000/XP).

Program Name bed
Version 0.2.23
File Size (Bytes) 389030
Release Date 2004-03-06
Price 0
License Freeware

Program Keywords: bed,hex,editor,binary,menu,ascii,decimal,octal

Program Categories:Utilities

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