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emboot MBA on Disk for VM

emboot MBA on Disk for VM
Version: 5.0

Multi-protocol virtual BootROM for VMs, functions as floppy or .FLP image

emBoot's boot agents for VMs are client-based 'virtual' firmware that allows VM client created with VMware and Connectix (Microsoft) to do a 'network boot' using the virtual NIC.* Multi-protocol network boot disk / virtual floppy image for VMware, Connectix* Functions as PXE / DHCP / BOOTP, RPL or NetWare Boot ROM* Extra features and options over PXE Boot Image* Quickly install guest operating systems using tools like emBoot NBT

Program Name emboot MBA on Disk for VM
Version 5.0
File Size (Bytes) 103540
Release Date 2004-04-15
Price 12.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: VMware, Connectix, Virtual PC, virtual machine, OS Deployment, PXE, network booting, boot agent, network boot, remote boot, preboot, Wired for Management,WfM, pre-OS, desktop management, bootROMs, Boot ROMs, TCP/IP, BootP, DHCP, TFTP, Boot Services, BootP Server, TFTP Server, Total Cost of Ownership, Managed PC Boot Agent, MBA, Linux Deployment, Windows 2000 Deployment, Windows XP Deployment

Program Categories:Utilities

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