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Version: 1.1

Fast and powerful solution for data recover. 3 Original algorithms for FAT, NTFS

fsMechanic solution for data recovering.Main Features:-Three original algorithms for:* search deleted files and folders* recovering deleted files and directories* accessing to disks-Recovers from:* NTFS partitions (NTFS 4, NTFS 5)* FAT partitions (FAT 12,16,32)* hidden partitions (hidden FAT, Hidden NTFS)* USB Flash drives-Uses images:* Creates images* Reads images-Simple "Explorer"-like interface.

Program Name fsMechanic
Version 1.1
File Size (Bytes) 448543
Release Date 2003-9-01
Price 29.95
License Demo

Program Keywords: FAT, NTFS, Recover, original algorithms, fsMechanic, unerase, undelte, fsSuite, removable media, Flash drive, Damaged files

Program Categories:Utilities

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